Additum, on the map of European resources for the “SILVER ECONOMY” ecosystem

As members of the Cluster Saúde de Galicia, CSG, we have had the opportunity for our methodology and solutions to be part of the map of European resources that can respond to the challenges posed in the “Sylver Economy” ecosystem.

The Senior Eco-Net project (, of which the Cluster Saúde de Galicia is a partner, is a HORIZON EUROPE project whose objective is to support the emergence and development of European ecosystems dedicated to the “Silver Economy” as well as guaranteeing inclusivity and interconnectivity between all the key agents of innovation in the sector and intersectors.

Within the activities carried out within the project, we have had the opportunity to register our SMART-OP methodology and solution, as an innovative alternative that will allow increasing efficiency and optimizing the processes of the main challenges of the sector in the environment of health and well-being. (

The SMART-OP platform is a solution that represents the core of ADDITUM’s main activity and consists of the customization, adaptation and implementation of an innovative methodology and digital platform for the optimization of care processes for chronic patients, making use of the new technologies. This methodology will allow institutions and entities that work in the Silver Economy environment to align the different agents involved in patient care, personalize their care, maximize the value created, reduce costs and activate the patient to take part in managing your health.

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Link to Senior Eco-Nect project