Resources and Education

Resources and Education

What impact will new technologies have on the life expectancy of patients?

Francisco Javier Padillo, Head of the General Surgery Service at the Virgen del Rocio Hospital in Seville, comments on how new technologies and especially Blockchain are going to have a positive impact on life expectancy and patient well-being.

How can we apply new technologies to diseases such as diabetic foot?

Luis Miguel Salmerón, Head of the Vascular Surgery Service at the San Cecilio Clinical Hospital in Granada, tells us about the benefits of Blockchain technology in the treatment of some diseases, specifically diabetic foot. The activation and involvement of the patient is essential for preventing the amputation of the diabetic foot.

Why is the Administration interested in the application of Blockchain in the health system?

Javier Colás, President of Additum Blockchain emphasizes on how the internet of value (Blockchain) will allow processes to be much more efficient, and that prevention in terms of health should be the focus on which both patients and doctors focus, since it is the only way for our health system to remain sustainable over time.