Additum – Value in health, leads the conceptualization of the solution and the value proposition for the optimization of the heart failure process within the plat4tique consortium

Additum- Value in Health, leads the conceptualization of the solution and the value proposal for the optimization of the heart failure process within the PLAT4TIQUE consortium, to improve the quality of life of patients with heart failure, in the context of the European TIQUE PCP project

TIQUE PCP, the pre-commercial public procurement in which the PLAT4TIQUE consortium, made up of Izertis, Additum, HumanITcare and Sferanet, is developing an innovative solution to improve the quality of life of patients with advanced heart failure. This comprehensive approach is based on the implementation of emerging technologies, the optimization of the care process and continuous care, with the aim of personalizing patient care, improving their experience and autonomy, and facilitating coordination between healthcare professionals.

Currently, it is immersed in the execution of the second phase of this PCP. TIQUE PCP is an innovative, integrated care service that provides rapid responses to complex patients with advanced heart failure. This project is funded by the European research and development program Horizon 2020, under contract GA 965356, and has the participation of European public-private entities.

The initiative focuses on real-time monitoring of patient status, predicting and preventing frequent decompensations, reducing hospital admissions, and optimizing and aligning the care process by improving patient transitions between levels of care. In addition, the PLAT4TIQUE solution encourages and promotes the active participation of patients and caregivers, promoting programs and educational content for better adherence to treatment and personal care. The relevance of TIQUE PCP lies in the fact that heart failure is the main cause of hospitalization in patients over 65 years of age, imposing a significant burden on health systems. The lack of adequate and coordinated management between care levels, as well as the lack of correct patient monitoring, increase the risk and frequency of acute episodes, affecting the patient’s quality of life and worsening of their clinical condition.

The consortium includes companies experienced in the heart failure sector and in emerging technologies. Additum, responsible for the design and conceptualization of the solution, as well as the main driver of the value proposition for the optimization of the heart failure care process, contributes with its experience in creating efficiency in the healthcare sector, seeking alignment and coordination between care levels, and coordinating the work of the different clinical units and health professionals around the patient’s “Patient Journey”. Izertis, as leader of the consortium, brings its experience in projects with complex technological development through AI, blockchain and custom software. HumanITcare contributes its API and knowledge in technology applied to personalized remote patient health monitoring, while Sferanet offers experience in AI and health projects as an innovation partner.

The solution under development by the PLAT4TIQUE consortium is destined to change the lives of citizens with advanced heart failure and other comorbidities. It is a comprehensive and innovative care model, which provides a personalized intervention for each patient, increasing the efficiency of healthcare processes and improving the quality of life of patients through the use of emerging technologies.

The entire Additum team is working in a coordinated manner and with dedication to advance a real alternative that holistically improves the management of patients with advanced heart failure and implement a transformative solution that will promote efficiency, optimization, coordination and cost savings for the clinical centers involved in the project.

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