HACKATON Meta Salud: New opportunities offered by the metaverse in the field of health

The rise of the metaverse, presented as a transformative element that aims to revolutionize many areas of our daily lives, is already providing (and will continue to do so) multiple possibilities for all kinds of sectors and occupations, such as the production of video games, leisure, industry and also to the health sector.

In this sense, the health sector cannot and should not be left behind. At a time when there are still many doubts to be cleared up about the future success of the metaverse and its evolution, it is extremely important that this trend be studied in a profoundly innovative field such as health, with the aim of analyzing needs not (or not well) covered, that could benefit from this technology. Likewise, it is worth exploring new opportunities or improving services (such as training) for current and future patients and health professionals.

Regardless of the fact that the potential of this innovative technology is difficult to predict at the moment, it seems clear that it is destined to be a very valuable tool, capable of revolutionizing the sector and being an integral part of our daily lives. Currently it is a technology that is in the classic initial stage of generating great expectations and hyperexcitement, a situation that will tend to normalize. Therefore, while all this innovation related to the Metaverse and Web 3 arrives and settles in society, we believe that it is essential to identify what is realistic to do with the technology that we have today, keeping an open eye before possibilities that, without a doubt, will go far beyond what we now imagine.

Faced with this emerging trend, it is therefore essential to land and focus activities, with great practical sense, in specific areas, which is why it is essential to go hand in hand with health professionals, know their needs, and evaluate with them if the Metaverse is capable of adding to its day-to-day activities and, of course, if it adds value to the entire healthcare ecosystem.

To do this, together with the College of Physicians of A Coruña, we have organized a training session aimed at understanding what the Metaverse is, and exploring new opportunities that this technological reality can offer the health sector.

You have more information about the program, and registration available at this link: